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24 May 2019 12:44
Persian cats are long-haired stunning cats. That being said, according to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), in 2015 the Persian cat breed was ranked as the 2nd most popular breed in in the United States.
19 Jul 2018 12:29
Many people love both dogs and cats. They feel that they cannot have both pets in the home since usually dogs and cats do not get along. With the right socialization dogs and cats can live together in harmony.
18 Apr 2018 11:15
Author and dog trainer Christina Potter serves up some great advice on how to work with your dog and strengthen your bond while also teaching numerous tricks. Easy and fun to read, even the most seasoned dog owner will learn something from this book.
26 Jun 2017 12:22
When you award your child a pet, they will no doubt take extreme care for a lovely little creature which can depend entirely on them. If the pet is a dog, the little whines, and cuddling of a puppy can make children happy and they will always keep an eye on the animal family member. Coupled with play and studies, they will be able to multitask. With time, they will understand that the requirements also have to be taken care of. Caring for a pet, will in turn to strong family relationships and positive mental attitude.
17 May 2017 14:18
Journey into the mind of a dog. Written in a believable way, this book is about a dog's soul that is repeatedly reborn into the body of a different dog.
14 Nov 2016 09:14
In "Healing Your Dog Naturally," Nicole Gabriel offers numerous tips on ways to treat your dog that your veterinarian might never think to recommend to you. She covers topics including vaccines, spaying and neutering, using essential oils, cooking for your dog, and many other topics that will make your best friend happier and healthier and also help put you on the path to better living.
17 Aug 2016 11:56
This is a great product review of a saltwater aquarium eBook. The eBook series provides great saltwater aquarium advice. The eBook is informative and written by a marine biologist.
20 Jan 2016 14:47
Summary: Are you looking for answers to your cat's behaviors? There are few books that offer solutions to negative cat behaviors such as overgrooming, out-of-the box urination/defecation, aggression and many others. Some negative behaviors I want to solve with my four cats include overgrooming, being aggressive towards me and bringing the cats together instead of them living in different rooms. I finally found a book that has not only offered solutions, but has laid out a step by step plan to help my cats. The name of the book is The Cat Whisperer by Mieshelle Nagelschneider. I will write several articles giving summaries of what I have read in the chapters of the book. This gives a "kills two birds with one stone" opportunity. I have articles to write for one, but also in writing the articles, I internalize the information Mieshelle states.
14 Nov 2013 15:03
As winter approaches, it's important to turn our attention to how we can boost our rat's immunity against infection and give them the best defence possible during what is often a vulnerable time for rats, especially the elderly. High humidity, coupled with the cold can create the conditions that affect the respiratory system of a vulnerable rat.
27 Sep 2013 09:22
True stories of rescued Golden Retrievers. Even if you're not a dog lover, Lost Souls Found! Inspiring Stories About Golden Retrievers Volume II will touch your heart. Listen to the accounts of tenderhearted and compassionate people who adopted dogs who, in some cases, brought real challenges into their lives. Some of these stories will make you laugh and some will make you cry, but in the end you'll be glad to know there's still a lot of love and kindness left in the world.
7 Jul 2013 11:32
When it comes to health care most folks right now are thinking about their own health care costs, the implications of ObamaCare, and how to stay healthy. Sure, we humans worry about such things, but we are hardly the only species on this pale blue dot. What if you own horses? Well, in that case there is no universal health care for horses, they either live or die and evolution takes its course from there, but when they are our pets we'd certainly like to take advantage of nature and better our odds.
19 Feb 2013 13:01
Dog food has certainly progressed in recent years with a lot more science behind it all than ever before and this can largely be seen in the various adverts and marketing materials produced by the dog food manufacturers that all claim that their product is the best. The truth of the matter is that there are various dog food secrets that you really should know about and Dog Food Secrets Review written by Andrew Lewis is a book that aims to tell you the truth about what really goes on in the pet food industry. The commercials that you see...
13 Feb 2013 10:18
Have YOU ever had a kitten or a cat and experienced the pain of loss? If so, you will definitely love reading Charm (An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat). It's written and illustrated by the talented Leyla Atke, and was a Finalist in the International Book Awards competition.
12 Oct 2012 11:11
It is not unusual to find your pet dog, or cat, panicking and afraid to visit the vet. One way you can make it easier on your self and the staff at the veterinary hospital is to relax.
12 Sep 2012 08:50
The desert tortoise is an endangered species in California, so you are not supposed to take them as pets, but if they wonder onto your property or dig under the fence to find shade and food, or make a home burrowing under the yard, you aren't allowed to move them, unless you call in a special wildlife biologist to assist. It's quite a tricky endeavor. However, sometimes you can make them feel more at home and they make nice pets. Still, you might not wish to get too attached, eventually they decide to leave, and often don't return for a while, sometimes never.
12 Sep 2012 08:49
Not long ago, I was speaking to a wildlife biologist about the endangered Desert Tortoise, what an incredible species. As an expert she explained all the idiosyncrasies with this "baby dinosaur" as she called them, about their burrows, choice of food, ability to blend in, along with its predators such as the desert fox, and the road runners and black crows which eat tortoise eggs when they can find them. Unfortunately, amongst the predators, we can also add mankind, you see off roaders and people not paying attention often run them over, accidently of course.
21 Aug 2012 12:29
Today's pet food manufacturers are adamant about their pet foods containing 100% nutritious ingredients for dogs and cats. Nonetheless, the current diet for household pets is founded utterly on human food by-products and waste.
26 Jul 2012 10:46
As a dog owner you are responsible to keep your dog healthy with routine health care. This involves so much more that just regular feeding and exercise.
24 Jul 2012 12:04
There are two things that homeowners love but those two things do not seem to go well together. These two things are furniture and pets.
11 Jul 2012 17:29
There are many types of organic dog foods on the market today. Knowing which ones are the best can be difficult undertaking.
26 Jun 2012 09:27
Do You Need Doggy Daycare? If you are a dog owner and lover, but you work long hours, you may feel very guilty about having a dog.
4 Jun 2012 15:12
Most likely, your cat is unhealthy because you are feeding him food with grain as an ingredient. Are your veterinarian bills mounting up because your cat has one health problem after another?
8 Nov 2011 12:27
This story is an excellently told one written by a woman who adores her large "sight hounds" as they are known by. They are Russian wolfhound's or, as Chantelle's preference for calling them "Borzoi" that quickly became her favorite pet once she saw one. The ultra beauty and grace of these huge dogs overtook her life and all she would have on her mind until she decided to obtain one was the "sooner rather than later" that would bring this dog into her home and life.
26 Sep 2011 11:57
People often get frustrated when they are trying to train their dog or change their behavior. They read many books and try to apply the various principles with no result. They wonder if there is a secret that they are not aware of. The good news is that there are secrets that you can easily learn.
16 Aug 2011 16:43
Taking home a new pet into your home is easy but it takes time to introduce your pet to his or her new home. It is especially important for you to do whatever it takes to make your new pet as comfortable as possible. Underneath I have outlined some guidelines for providing a safe and clean shelter for you new animal
27 Jul 2011 15:32
Any dog loving hiker who lives in or plans to visit New Hampshire or Vermont would do well to consult this book by an Emmy award winning television producer and writer, Lisa Densmore. The author gives first hand accounts of each of the 52 trails that she writes about in this very informative guide to some of the best trails in New England.
12 Jul 2011 17:26
In his first book, newspaper columnist W. Bruce Cameron tells the story of reincarnation as seen and experienced through the eyes of a dog. What makes this book so poignant is that the author really seems to understand how a dog would speak and feel. Sooner or later, anyone who has ever owned a dog has looked into those big brown eyes and wondered what he or she was thinking. Many of us have also wondered about the meaning of life. What is its purpose? If a human life has a goal, then does a dog's life have a purpose?
18 May 2011 12:03
This book has all the information you need to help in caring for your dog. This book is broken down into four sections: Fresh Starts and New Beginnings (finding the right pet), How to Care for and Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe (eating, grooming and everyday care), The Social Behavior (training) and In Sickness and in Health (preventive care, emergencies, medical care and special care for the aging dog).
22 Feb 2011 14:04
"Dog: The Definitive Guide For Dog Owners" by Bruce Fogle really does live up to its title. It is a very comprehensive, and yes definitive, guide to dogs for dog owners. It is not an encyclopedia of dog breeds, but rather a guide that takes you through the life stages of your dog, including birth, puppy hood, adolescence and adulthood. This is a very informative book that covers everything a person needs to know about the life of their dog.
4 Feb 2011 16:17
A review of Glenn Plaskin's book, Katie Up and Down the Hall. The reader will enjoy the story of how one plucky cocker spaniel formed a family where there was none.
2 Feb 2011 09:13
Most dog owners acknowledge the importance of training their dogs. However, many of them often make mistakes in conducting dog training. What's worse is that they don't even know they are committing these mistakes. This is the reason why professional trainer Adam Katz came up with the book "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer."
26 Jan 2011 16:40
Once in a Lifetime Dog is the true story of Chantelle Hildreth and the love she had for her Russian Wolfhound, Boris. It is also her story of how Boris changed her life.
14 Jan 2011 19:49
This Article is my review of Dog Owners Boot Camp. Its a big seller, so I decided to see for myself whether it was as good as the hype suggested.
12 Jan 2011 11:15
The Dog Whisperer book has a total of 150 individual stories on canine behaviour problems and successful obedience training. These stories have been broken down first according to their season of appearance in the show and then by chapters, based on specific dog behaviour problems.
11 Jan 2011 22:10
Oogy is a very special dog who survived the inhumane cruelty that is involved in dog fighting. See how he had the will to live and how others involved helped to save him.
10 Dec 2010 15:54
Choosing a dog from the shelter to take home for the Christmas holiday is the easy part. Teaching your 20 year old, mentally handicapped son responsibility is harder. Returning the dog after Christmas is nearly impossible.
28 Oct 2010 15:27
For anyone who has watched their dog sleep, the obvious answer is yes. But the scientific answer is, "we don't know."
15 Sep 2010 16:17
This guide offers you all the facts you'll need to value sustainability in the framework of pet parenting and equips you with the knowledge to choose wisely for you, your pet, as well as the environment. It outlines the environmental costs of pet ownership and offers a variety of environmental friendly choices for every family with pets, such as selecting pet food; purchasing pet toys (who knew?) and equipment; getting rid of your pet's waste and steering clear of household toxins.
23 Jul 2010 11:52
I love mysteries and I love cats---especially Siamese cats. Lilian Jackson Braun has written enough books combining the two to last any serious mystery/cat lover for the rest of the year.
8 Jul 2010 09:16
This is a review of the Ultimate Cat Secrets e-book. This e-book has BIG secrets in helping people train their cats from scratching your furniture to shreds, bite, jumping on tables and counter tops.
7 Jul 2010 10:22
Don Aslett is called America's #1 Cleaning Expert, and for good reason, he knows cleaning. He also knows a lot about time management, organization, and getting things done, but most of all, he knows cleaning.
21 Jun 2010 17:17
There are many dog obedience books out today. From the author of "SitStayFetch" comes an all new version packed with even more information. Daniel Stevens is known worldwide for his training techniques.
9 Jun 2010 14:04
Fiber is essential for the normal digestion in rabbits. Fresh grass and vegetables should be the greater part of the house rabbit food. Feeding a diet consisting mostly of pellets might consequence in fatness and boosts the probability of digestive difficulties. Fiber also support in the avoidance of hair balls.
7 Jun 2010 17:05
If you have recently taken possession of a cute little bunny then you will need to make sure you get hold of a supply of the right rabbit food. There are actually a range of options available from pet stores, this does not make the task any easier. The following information should give you a better understanding of exactly what you should be giving to your new pet.
7 Jun 2010 14:53
If you have a dog and need to find the best resources to help learn more about training and working with the dog, you can find the dog training books that you need to help you learn everything that you need to know to make your training work and be easier. If you have looked at some of the training books that are available, but did not find any that really show you how to train well, you can find the books that you need online.
28 May 2010 10:42
Daniel Stevens, who is he? For people who have not been aware of him, Daniel Stevens is the hugely respected author who developed the tremendously successful dog training series entitled "Secrets to Dog Training" (formerly Sit, Stay, Fetch) Daniel Stevens works as a professional dog trainer who has years of knowledge working with all kinds of different dogs in various situations. Daniel's information has become very popular among dog owners because it very carefully and completely guides you all the way through each dilemma you could...
7 May 2010 11:08
What is Secrets to Dog Training? It is essentially every dog lovers manual. This ebook presents you with carefully-studied details on how to both prevent and deal with destructive dog behaviors.
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