Stylish Ways to Take Your Pet to Work This Fall

by Customer Support on Aug 22, 2022

Stylish Ways to Take Your Pet to Work This Fall
As the office beckons us to return to in-person meetings, 2022 style means we are “goodbye” to WFH loungewear and “hello” to more polished work outfits—complete with our pet in tow for those of us lucky enough to work in dog-friendly offices (like Chewy!). And according to recent studies, an increasing number of pet parents are bringing their furry loved ones along with them to work: Not only have 60 percent of surveyed pet parents previously left a job because it did not allow them to bring their pet to work, but 70 percent also said they’d accept lower pay to land a pet-friendly job—and that’s saying something.

We talked to two pet style experts— Dara Foster, a New York-based renowned pet style expert, author, and former fashion stylist; and Zach Drouin, dog parent to a fashionable and travel-loving teeny white maltipoo dog influencer living in New York City named Mochi (aka Mochi and the City)—to find out what cat and dog carriers are on-trend this fall and how you can coordinate with your furry friend without sacrificing your own personal style, whether you’re in the office or on-the-go.

“It’s been really interesting to see that as work attire has become more casual—with more people doing hybrid or remote work—pet carrier bags have become more casual,” says Foster. “Dog dads are really embracing pet carriers for both cats and dogs, and items are much more unisex as they bring in their pets to work.”

Foster would know. She has written her blog for over a decade, as well as five children’s books about dogs, including “PupStyle: When I Grow Up,” which features dogs styled as different career professions that kids can learn about and aspire to.